The New Road Ahead

I’m writing this post in the hope it resonates with other working parents that it’s okay not to want to progress your career at this stage in your life. I am the working mum who has kept pushing forward in her career and landed a more senior role. But it has come at a price. My mental well-being, my interests and dreams.

I tried to make it work but it wasn’t enough and the realisation from both sides that this wasn’t the right fit was deflating and left me feeling like I was grieving. Grieving the hopes and dreams that this position would give me the kudos in my career that I had long chased for.

In the 6 months I had the position, I didn’t take one creative photo using my good camera and I didn’t touch my blog. This is my first post since last year. My creative outlet had been burnt out and my brain could not manage anything else. On top of a new and challenging job, raising a toddler and having two dogs, one of which was a crazy puppy- I was stressed beyond belief. I had been burning myself out trying to spin all of these plates and struggled to make everything work for months.

What’s next?

For now, I’m dampening my career ambitions. Not because I feel like I should after this blip but because I want to prioritise my happiness and focus on some other avenues that are my interests.

My promise to myself is that I will focus on the things that I enjoy doing and have a passion for. I will find another job that I love. Who knows where my road will lead to next but I’m excited to explore it. I know it will be a vibrant cherry blossom tree filled type of road.


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